Sara Rohner

Zero Edge contemporary art event

Zero Edge contemporary art event
8. Juli 2020 - 31. August 2020


A sudden outbreak of disease broke out, and quickly spread to every corner of the world. No matter how you react to the effects of this novel coronavirus: fear, cursing, contempt, or confusion ; in any case, the epidemic is here! As Heidegger said: "existence is the basis for the appearance and presentation of existence." The epidemic that has swept across all continents has, for the first time turned the sensational-sounding, somewhat formulaic concept of "global integration" into a reality that truly transcends national institutions, clans, and cultures.

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  • Partizipierende:
  • 李山(Alessandro Rolandi)、 罗兰•冯•德埃姆登 (Roland von der Emden ) 布兰登(Brendan A. Linane) 徐进(Xu Jin)、王钟(Wang Zhong) 李文(Li Wen)&萨拉·罗内尔(Sara Rohner) 孟煌(Meng Huang) 马腾飞(Martin Derbyshire) 曾昭满(Zeng Zhaoman)
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  • 中国篇 China Chapter 策展人:熊云皓,萧尚 Curators: Xiong Yunhao, Xiao Shang
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